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Facebook Business/Fan Page... A Few Tips to Help You Get Started..

If you currently have a business, charity, or neighborhood fan page on Facebook the following article is a MUST READ!  Lots of great tips to enhance your page, get more fans and friends....

Facebook Business/Fan Page... A Few Tips to Help You Get Started..

This past Wednesday I sat in on an Activerain University webinar that was talking about Facebook Farming by Chris Alston. Chris shared a lot of great tips on how to get to the point of generating leads from facebook. Here are a few things that I picked up on and a few helpful tips.

Facebook has proved to be a very strong tool for me.. On average I generate a new lead from Facebook maybe once a week to every other week, but that is just from my personal profile. Granted, my business page needs a lot of help, and hopefully I can set some time aside to work on it this week, but use of your business/fan page can be a very powerful tool as well.

This week I am going to take Chris Alston's advice and work on those pages. Chris gave some great tips, but as a self professed cheap skate, I am going to try my best to improvise with very limited costs. Below are some of Chris's tips and how I plan on modifying them.

Chris mentioned: Having a Landing Page that directs people to hit the "LIKE" button... Though Chris's page looks very very nice... He paid $300.00 to have someone do it.

I am such a penny pincher that I am going to see if I can teach myself how to do something before I decide if I should pay someone to do it. So I found this website with a great instructional video that breaks it down for you. A whole "How to" video. If you are decent on photoshop to develop what you would like for your landing page to be and size it accordingly, it seems pretty simple. Below you will find the video that shows you how to install a facebook landing page. If you can do it yourself, that is $300 bucks you can put towards some other form of marketing... Which leads me to my next topic..

Facebook pay per click ads. Now that you have your awesome business/fan page built, you have sent out invites to all your friends on your personal site to get people to like it, but how do you get people outside your personal page to like it and get it to grow?

That is where the Facebook pay per click ads come in. Which I think are awesome. There are billions and billions of people on facebook and it allows you to narrow down to age group, male/female, singe/married/engaged, also what part of the country.. That I believe is amazing because if you are going to spend the money you can atleast know the right people are seeing it! If you live in South Carolina, it's not going to do you much good if people in Maine or Wisconson liking your page, of course unless they plan on moving there, but if you are spending marketing dollars you want it to count. Facebook ads allows you to target people in your area that are on facebook, advertise to them and hopefull that will get them to like your page.

Though Facebook ads can get a little pricey, just set a budget, Chris said that he sets a $6.00 a day budget and one of his pages alone he has over 3,000 fans.

Now that you have grown your audience, how do you keep them engaged? Well of course you have to put out relevent content and hope that they interact with it, but Chris showed us one of Ben Kinney's pages on Facebook, I believe it was the Whatcom County fan page in Washington. Tons and tons of great content on that page, and Bens audience interacts very well with it, but Ben also host contests, photo contests in which the persons photo that gets the most likes gets a pretty cool prize, and of course liking that photo is going to involve more people going to his page and liking it as well, which is a great way for Ben to grow his business page at the same time, and it keeps people highly engaged!

These are just a few tips that can help you get your business/fan page started on facebook... If you would like to learn more check out weekly classes at the Activerain University, each week there are always great topics that teaches us new tricks or reminds us of old tricks to keep us ahead of the game.

If you would like more detailed information on how to effectively use the internet to market and limit the marketing dollars you spend in the process and effectively generate leads, check out the IMSDesignation, not only does it teach you how to market on facebook, but twitter, craigslist, through blogging, linkedin, and soo much more!!! Check it out!!!

I hope these tips are a great foundation to help you get started, I believe last weeks webinar was recorded and should be released soon, if you were not there for it, keep on the look out for the recording, great information that should prove to be very helpful to you.

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Kerry, This was very useful. I've taken notes from the video and will be working on designing a landing page. The only issue I have with Facebook Pages is that Facebook has frequent kinks, and occasionally my administrative functions are not available. I sure hope they'll fix this soon.

Posted by Sandy Nelson, your Olympia area Realtor (Riley Jackson Real Estate Inc.) almost 8 years ago

I paid someone to set up my business facebook page, but always appreciate any knowledge so I can make changes myself

Posted by Kathy Stoltman, Ventura County Real Estate Consultant 805-746-1793 (Rockwood Realty) almost 8 years ago